Youth has created a new Killing Joke release entitled Killing Joke: In Dub. He has written…

“I first discovered Dub in 1976, along with many other kinds of music it became the soundtrack to my late teenage years and consistent through the rest of my life. We were surrounded by Dub in Ladbroke Grove in the late 1970’s…. This is the first time a collection of Killing Joke’s Dub mixes has been released as an album, spread over 3CD’s (as well as a 40 minute bonus DJ Mix) over four hours of Dub annihilation…it has been an epic voyage. Compiling the best of the legacy and distilling all new Dub plates into a definitive collection was never going to be easy. This album has taken over a year to lovingly put together and of all of the many productions and mixes I have been fortunate enough to have been involved with, this one, I’m sure, will be one of those that tells the story best and the one that makes me feel extremely proud to be a part of the phenomena that is Killing Joke.”

Killing Joke: In Dub is available as digital download, 3CD set and as a special 3LP/1CD set, which includes a bonus 40min DJ Set featuring tracks from the album. Alongside these album formats, there are some exclusive merch items and bundles to be had.

The album will be released digitally to all pledgers around 2 weeks after launch and all physical items will be shipped out asap thereafter.



Since my teens,  dub plate sonic assaults became the soundtrack to my life. The de constructed mash up of familiar sounds, saturated and imploded in reverb and oceans of analogue delay ..creating .multiple  3D , holographic universes that gives your imagination cathedral sized wings to fly with. Dub has got me through some of the best and toughest times . This language of dub still speaks louder to me than ever. Over two years in the making, We have distilled the best of the pioneering  vintage dub mixes and spent months buried in various sound lab’s and  south london studios creating new dub plates that rumble the earth with skull crunching bass annihilation,  razor lighting strike guitars that collide with Jaz’s primal howl from the abyss, anchored by Big Paul’s tribal drums that holographically pummel you into submission . Over 3 hours of dub pandemonium …. Peace through noise

Love Youth

Dear Friends and Gatherers,

I am extremely disappointed to have to announce that I am unable to participate in the upcoming Australia/New Zealand Killing Joke tour.

I’ve been suffering from an increasingly acute tendonitis, no doubt brought on by hours on concentrated scalpel use whilst restoring ancient sculptures. Nothing to do with my using the wrong end of heavy drum sticks, nor twisting my arm drilling granite, swinging a hammer and chisel, nor my years of blacksmithing! Anyway, right now I can barely hold a cup of tea. Raising my arm or reaching causes pain and I have little grip; I’ve dropped more than just the beat recently. So per doctor’s orders, all such activities must cease until, with therapy, my arm recovers.

My sincere apologies to all.

I’m grateful to Jason Bowld for stepping in for me.
I’ve been thoroughly enjoying being back with Jaz, Geordie and Youth and Reza’s great to have around. The shows have been tremendous and I look forward, upon my recovery, to making a new album and another chance to visit you all in the Antipodes.

Thanks for your support and, I hope, your understanding.

Paul – NYC.